Spa & Wellness

Forum Palace Hotel  is also a   SPA, Beauty and   Fitness center.
The Wellness Center LE MAGNOLIEfeatures a Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath, a shower Emotional, a  Jacuzzi bathtub , massage room and a relaxation area with  tea room where you can relax with herbal tea.

For added comfort, the Forum Palace Hotel offers to its clients, in an airy and panoramic, a gym equipped with professional machines of Technogym. Also on the terrace in front, you can sunbathe in comfortable easy chairs.

Hours of Spa The Magnolias
Morning from 09:30 to 13:00 Afternoon from 15:00 to 19:00

Finnish Sauna
The sauna has capacity for relaxation and detoxification and has positive effects on the whole organism.
It very effective to relieve nervous tension; the skin is cleansed and sweating removes toxins and acids: the vegetative nervous system is stimulated by improving the general metabolism.
The art of knowing how to get the maximum benefit from the sauna is to know how to adjust the permanent in the sauna according to their mental state of physical time.
It impossible to establish a universal rule for all who wish to use the sauna, having all parties a clear and distinct levels of wealth. This is an art that you buy with time and habit and, for the most part, dependent on the good knowledge that you have of yourself.

Turkish Bath
The steam bath, commonly called turkish bath”, belongs to the same ancient tradition of purifying baths from which descends the sauna.
When the content in an environment of steam is higher than the amount of water present in the epidermis, forms on the skin a layer of moisture which brings heat to the body. The simultaneous action of steam and heat helps the lymphatic circulation dissolving toxins and favoring the expulsion.
Benefits: The steam bath, for its toning and relaxing properties, is one of the best therapies to combat stress and tension we suffer every day; is also a pleasant way to improve their physical appearance and seek greater efficiency. The dilation of the pores caused by the heat, facilitates the penetration of steam and allows the skin to remove impurities acquiring brightness, elasticity and softness. Practicable at all ages is a great pressure regulator and an essential therapeutic and preventive tool for respiratory tract disorders.

Hydrotherapy is aromatherapy is a new and extraordinary to enjoy all the benefits of water. Effectively combats insomnia, muscular and nervous tension, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes. Eliminates stress and purifies you with the pleasure of a dive in the pure being.

Relaxing massage, cervical spine, lumbar muscle (50 min.)
Swedish massage, classic massage Western (50 min.)
Reiki treatment, energy that nourishes and heals(30 min.)

All treatments are by appointment

To use the services SPA contact the reception where you can pick up your kit Wellness
Prices: Admission Spa Euro 35,00 (Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, Jacuzzi, emotional shower)
Massage: Decontracting Euro 45,00 Swedish Euro 45,00 40,00 Euro Reiki Treatment